Preparing for our Visit

1. Should you wish, you may cover the soft furnishings and carpet in the room concerned. It is expected that if you have very pale carpet, protection should be in place for our arrival. Our sweeps may refuse to carry out the services if he feels your room needs more protection. We use industrial vacuums and professional equipment, following a strict procedure to keep disruption down to a minimum. We strive to leave your home as tidy as we found it, however the fine soot particulates can be very hard to keep under total control, but your sweep will advise you of any preparation he would like.

2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, clear the appliance of ash and cinders. We are not home-helps. If your fire dismantles, have the components on newspaper near the fireplace and the sweep will normally put the fire back together for you.

3. In bad weather, it is a help to make a track using old sheets or newspapers from the door he will be entering into your home through, to the fireplace(s)

4. A mantle piece is usually cluttered. It would be helpful to have ornaments etc. removed.

5. A damp cloth to wipe the hearth is normally all you will need, after we have finished our work, to leave the room in condition we found it.