Methods of Lining

Several methods are available for inserting a lining into an existing flue. A brief list of these is as follows:

1. Rigid sections of clay or refractory liner installed by cutting into the flue wall or by lowering down from the top of the chimney.

2. Insulating concrete pumped in around an inflatable former.

3. Flexible metal liner in a continuous length lowered down the chimney.

4. Spray on coating.

5. Ceramic coating.

All of these methods have some advantages and some drawbacks. Their suitability will depend on individual circumstances. Good professional advice on the most appropriate system is essential.

Before any new lining is installed it is essential to have the chimney thoroughly swept to remove all soot and tar deposits. This means with stiff polypropylene or steel scraper brushes. Preferably use a member of the Northern Ireland Association of Chimney Sweeps, who work to a Code of Practice. It is possible in some situations to ream out the old flue to take a larger liner than would otherwise fit. This work can be done by us, we also offer a video camera inspection of the flue.

The following sections will look at each of the above in more detail:

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