About Us

At times during a visit, your sweep might bring to your attention the fact he is not happy with what he has found. It may be something very simple, or it might be a more serious issue, but he will always leave you a notification of the defects and the way in which it can be resolved. If it is something he is able to carry out for you, he might discuss costs at this time. Either way, we will ask you for a signature to ensure he has a proof of telling you about the defects. Our sweeps will strive to leave the appliance and flue in an operational state, but this is not always possible if the fault is more serious. At all times, your safety is as important to us as it should be to you, so please ensure to comply with the instructions of your notification, and ensure the work is carried out to remedy any defects.

It is not uncommon to have small amounts of debris falling from the flue after sweeping, as the chimney settles. We would encourage you to check within 24 - 48 hours any dampers, throat plates, baffles etc to make sure they are clear. This should be a monthly check anyway. If you ask the sweep during his visit, he often will make a note to call and remind you nearer the time the flue is due to be swept. Scheduling in during the Summer months is better than waiting until the Autumn when everyone is in a clamour for our services.